Armikrog Releasing September 8th, The Devil is in the Details


Pencil Test wasn't able to release their much anticipated Armikrog on time as they had initially wished to. While giving everything a last combover, they found some issues that they felt definitely needed to be addressed before releasing it to the world, so they've delayed that release until September 8th 2015.

Armikrog delayed until September 8th while bugs are ironed out.

To address the fans that are no doubt waiting dutifully for it to come out, a note to the Kickstarters was sent to offer apologies for the problems that were encountered last minute. Its actually kind of reassuring that they're looking closely at their game code as close to launch as they were, and willing to make sure that we have a good experience right out of the gate. There are always going to be unforeseen issues, but at least all major and game breaking bugs will be properly squashed.

“Hey Armikroggers!

As we're approaching the finish line, we've come across some details in the game that we really want to address. Some of the issues are about tuning, while others are straight-up bugs fixes. Since we owe it to every one of you to give you the best possible game we can make, we've decided to push back the game's release date to September 8th.

We've enjoyed and appreciated your overwhelming support throughout this whole production, and we want you to be proud of the game that you've backed. Mike and I both feel like releasing the game without addressing the last of these issues would be falling short of that.

Thanks everyone -- the adventure begins September 8th!"

Armikrog is a unique game, made with actual real-life sets and clay sculpted characters with stop motion photography to have a game that's unlike any other. In it is a humorous, off-kilter adventure game starring space explorer Tommynaut and his faithful alien dog companion Beak-Beak. Armikrog follows the exploits of this unusual duo as they find their galactic travels cut short by imprisonment in a mysterious fortress and attempt to make their escape.