Arma 3 Eden Update Now Live, HBAO+ Added To The Game


Arma 3

The Arma 3 Eden update is finally live, as announced by Bohemia Interactive. A stepping stone towards the upcoming Apex expansion, scheduled to hit somewhere in Q2 2016, Arma 3 Eden adds several new features including NVIDIA's HBAO+ for Ambient Occlusion, Steam Leadearboards, various system optimizations and parallax ground surfaces.

The bigger ones are those listed below, though, at least according to Bohemia:

  • Eden 3D Editor – Retaining the beloved simplicity of creating scenarios, the new editor finally adds the third dimension and a lot of desired functionality. More info: Top 10 – Eden 3D Editor
  • Launcher-Based Server Browser – Get into multiplayer sessions more easily via better filtering options and Workshop mod support. More info: Top 10 – Server Browser
  • Audio Upgrade – A multi-channel amplitude panner and distance-based samples for weapons and explosions add more immersion and fidelity to combat sounds.
  • Font – Process information more quickly with a new, easier-to-read in-game font.

The new 3D editor has been particularly praised by the community, as it should make things a lot easier for content creators in comparison to the old 2D editor.

You can check out the full changelog at this address, and the official trailer for the Arma 3 Eden update below.

Arma 3 is currently available for purchase from Steam at the price of $59.99/€44.99/£39.99, but if you're interested in the Apex expansion you can already purchase either Apex alone for $27.99 (with a 20% pre-order discount) or Arma 3 with all the DLC including Apex for $69.99 from the official Bohemia Store.

We'll keep you up to date with any news on the Apex expansion, so stay tuned.