Arctic Introduces the Alpine 23 AM4 CPU Cooler

Alpine 23
Source: Arctic

Arctic has announced an addition to Arctic's Alpine series, and this addition is called the Alpine 23 AM4 CPU cooler. The Alpine 23 AM4 CPU cooler offers an extended lifespan by having the motor temperature be lower than the average CPU motor temperature and pre-applied MX-2 thermal paste, ensuring high thermal transfer. This CPU cooler currently has a webpage stating the price of €11.99 or roughly $14.70.

The Alpine 23 AM4 CPU cooler features an extended lifespan due to the newly designed heatsink and the lowered motor temperature.

The design of the Alpine 23 CPU cooler is incredibly similar to the original Intel stock fans. Still, the new fins, fan, and mounting techniques allow this CPU cooler may be a perfect match for the Ryzen 4000G processors.

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Source: Arctic

The Alpine 23 CPU cooler has been created using aluminum, which allows for high thermal conductivity; using a new type of extrusion allows for a higher thermal transfer rate. This new type of extrusion can create thin cooling fins that are fanned out in a Y-shape. This new design increases the heatsink's surface area and then expands the potential cooling capacity of the CPU cooler. This heatsink is created out of aluminum and offers fifty fins.

This CPU cooler uses a fan that offers minimum vibration, a lowered power consumption, and a wider RPM range. The fan of this CPU cooler is PWM-controlled, which features a fan range of 100 RPM up to 2,000 RPM, which utilizes a fluid dynamic bearing and features a fan diameter of just 90 mm. The installed motor features a 10 °C lower motor temperature, which can double the included fan's life span.

Source: Arctic

This fan is due to the sinus-magnetizing the new motor created just 5% of the vibration from a regular DC-motor's commutation. This new motor can lower the coil temperature and reduce vibration to a minimum without compromising performance.

The Alpine 23 CPU cooler is stated to be currently not available, but the product page shows the price tag of this CPU cooler being just €11.99 or roughly $14.70. This CPU cooler feature pre-applied MX-2 thermal paste ensures not only a fast installation but good thermal transfer from the CPU heat spreader to the aluminum heatsink.

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