Arctic Cooling enters PC Peripherals market

Syavash Pahore

As the name suggests, Arcting Cooling specializes in designing PC cooling solutions such as CPU coolers and thermal pastes. Now though they have made a bold jump into the PC peripherals market with a new keyboard and two gaming mice.

The K381 is a ultra slim keyboard designed with simplicity in mind.  It has the standard keyboard layout and 12 additional keys for functions such as volume control. The slim design makes this a very comfortable keyboard with the ability to use your desk as an over-sized wrist-pad. The  keyboard costs $25 and comes with a 2 year limited warranty and choice of black or white color.

The M551  and M571 are high sensitivity gaming mice with a precise 2400DPI sensor. Both mice have an ergonomic shape that ensures comfort for long gaming sessions. Whereas the M551 is a basic gaming mouse, the M571 offers an extra button that can be used for different functions and some 6.5gram weight measures that help users tweak the mouse to suit their preferences.

The mice are quite cheap, the M551 will sell for $25 whereas the M571 will see for $30. The mice will be available this September with a 2 year limited warranty.


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