This is it… Apple’s Tablet Pictures

Apple Tablet

Trust me when I saw these pictures for the first time on the web, I was amazed [and happy at the same time]. I just wanted to grab it out of the screen and sleep with it [without any negative intentions *wink* *wink*]. Anyhow, I know these were too Good to be true so I zoomed it, looked around trying to find a weak spot and then I found one, actually wired found the points I just endorse them.

Apple Tablet Side

It is however an excellent job and I would not have imagined anything else than this. We are all crossing our fingers as tomorrow is the day when we will all know what Mr. Jobs has to reveal. I am personally expecting the announcement of Apple's Tablet and then also that AT&T would be selling it exclusively for some time too. Also I am expecting some new gadgets, maybe variants of iPod along with a slight hint of iPhone 4.0.

For now, enjoy and spread the pictures of this [fake] beauty.

Photo Credit: Dustin Curtis

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