Apple’s Quarterly Earning’s Forecasts Analyzed – Mac Sales Expected to Align

Sohaib Ahmad

With the upcoming announcement of Apple's quarterly earnings approaching, predictions were charted according to data provided by business companies. This time around things do not seem very good or bad for apple.

Mac Sales Expected To Align With Forecasts - Apple's Quarterly Earnings

According to the prediction given by analysts, Apple was forecasted to sell between 3.6 to 5 million Macs, giving an average of 4.3 million. This forecast shows a decline of 13 percent when compared with the previous year, showing that people are gradually moving towards mobile devices such as tablets and phones.

Apple's Quarterly Earnings

The graph that came with Apple's Quarterly Earning shows that macs were in their prime during the 2011-2012 period, however they are not as badly hit as the sales of Pc’s have been. Apple’s own tablets have aided in the decline in sales of the Macbook and pc’s. Even though Apple announced revisions of the Macbook air, it still is old if the hardware is taken into consideration.

iPhone And iPad Sales Show Expected To Show Improvement

The forecasted sales of the iPhone have increased albeit slightly, Apple’s 5C has not been selling well nor has the 5S and 5C seen a warm welcome in some countries such as Taiwan. The new iPhone 5s is a new product and has not received global coverage yet, but it has broken sales records in the US and in China.

Apple's Quarterly Earnings

Lastly the iPad sales figures have shown improvement for Q3 13', with the recent announcement of the iPad air and iPad mini retina, Apple expects to fulfill the demand of the public of new mobile devices in the future.

Apple's Quarterly Earnings

Apple will look to its tablets and the iPhone to overcome any shortfall caused by the decline Mac sales, which are expected to decline further as we progress into the future where according to forecasts, mobile devices such as tablets and phones are expected to fill the market.

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