Apple’s Personal Pickup Service Is Now Available In Canada And Australia


Apple's Personal Pickup service is an easy way to order your Apple products. The service was first launched in the United States in 2011 and today marks the day for its expansion. The company's Personal Pickup service has extended its paths to Canada and Australia, allowing users to order and pay for their Apple products online and picking them up from their nearest Apple Stores.

You have two choices to make your purchase from, either you order and pay through the company's Online Store or the Apple Store app. Once you make your order, head over to your nearest physical Apple Store and pick your order up without any hindrance. The complete Personal Pickup process and transactions are held online which can be accomplished with ease.

Let's see some additional details regarding Apple's expansion plan for its personal Pickup service.

Apple Launched Personal Pickup At A Perfect Time For Holiday Shopping

Apple has launched its Personal Pickup service in Canada and Australia at a perfect time since the holiday season is here. Users will take full advantage of the service with the liberty to bypass incredibly congested Apple Stores. Comparatively, it takes a lot less time to just grab your order and be done with it, without any payment formalities. However, you do need to show a proof of your purchase.

To get your ordered Apple product, you just go to the store and tell them about your online purchased order. About the proof, present them with a photo idea of your purchase and that's it. The personal Pickup service is in effect with in-stock products of the company that also includes new arrivals, such as the iPad Pro, Apple TV, iPhone and many other.

Earlier today, Apple Pay made its debut in Canada, eloping the Personal Pickup service along. Since next week marks the day for Apple Pay's arrival in Australia, we will soon see the Personal Pickup service marching into the country as well. Apple's intentions are to provide its products to consumers seamlessly, without any delay in the process. The Canadian customers can now skip long and tiresome queues in the Apple Store on Black Friday and pick up their ordered products.

Together with Apple Pay, the company's Personal Pickup service will work with an even more efficient. This is it for now, folks. What do you think about Apple's personal Pickup service? Will it make users purchase Apple products with ease? Let us know in the comments.