Apple’s OLED iPad to Use a Hybrid Screen to Move Away From Visible Warping

Ali Salman
Apple OLED iPad With Hybrid Screen

Apple is expected to launch new iPad Pro models later this year with upgraded internals and potentially a new design. We have previously heard that the company might be working on introducing an iPad with an OLED display for enhanced color accuracy. We are now hearing that the first OLED iPad will use a hybrid screen to move away from visible warping. Scroll down to read more details on the subject.

Apple's First OLED iPad to Use a Hybrid Screen To Cater Visible Warping, Launch Will be "A few Years From Now"

In contrast to initial OLED screens with a glass substrate, the latest advancements use polyimide films. The latter holds various advantages like easier production, lower costs, flexibility, and much more. However, flexible OLED screens do not play well with larger displays as it creates visible warping. To tackle the issue, The Elec reports that Apple will use a hybrid screen with OLED iPads.

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A hybrid OLED panel uses a glass substrate like rigid OLED panels do but also uses the thin-film encapsulation of flexible OLED panels. Sources said Apple isn’t too keen on using flexible OLED panels __ which are mostly used in premium smartphones __ some parts of the screen may look crumpled.

The crumples are likely caused by how flexible OLED panels are made. During their production, glass substrates. Polyimide varnishes in liquid form are deposited on top of the substrate and the glass is later removed through lasers. The remaining solidified polyimide is the plastic substrate. During the laser removable, some parts of the polyimide may be warped from the heat.

According to the publication, the company will launch its first OLED iPad "a few years from now." If you are unfamiliar, the hybrid screen will use the technology of both - a flexible OLED panel as well as a rigid OLED panel. On smaller displays, the warping is minimal and almost invisible. Other than this, DigiTimes has also claimed that Apple will use a hybrid screen for its first OLED iPad and that the company has added a new supplier, Taiwan SMT.

As mentioned earlier, we are not aware of any release time frames at this point, and the final word rests with Apple. We will update you on the latest, so be sure to stick around.

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