Apple’s Latest Shot on iPhone Video Highlights Enhanced Stability With Action Mode

Ali Salman
iPhone 14 Pro Shot on iPhone with Action Mode Stabilization

Apple launched its latest iPhone 14 series in September with major improvements in the camera department. The company introduced a new Action Mode feature that comes with enhanced gimbal-like stabilization. Today, the company has shared a new Shot on iPhone video, highlighting the capabilities of the iPhone 14's Action Mode videography. Scroll down to see what the iPhone 14's camera is capable of.

Apple's New Shot on iPhone Video Showcases Impressive Action Mode Capabilities in Four Tests

Apple shared the new Shot on iPhone video on its YouTube channel with the title "Testing Action mode". The description of the video reads: "Testing the stabilization of Action mode with extreme camera operators on iPhone 14 Pro." As can be seen in the video, the iPhone 14 went through various physical phases that tested its stabilization capabilities.

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Through the tests, the iPhone 14's Action Mode was seen to perform exceptionally well. Whether you are skateboarding down the hill, jumping on a trampoline, performing bicycle wheel rolls, or wall runs, Action Mode can handle it all. You can check out the video below for more details.

There is no doubt that the iPhone shoots one of the best videos on a smartphone, and stabilization is one of the key elements that make it happen. The company also introduced enhanced Cinematic Mode with the iPhone 14 series that captures video in 4K resolution. This year, the company upgraded its camera from 12MP to 48MP, allowing the iPhone 14 Pro models to capture more detail in a photo. Additionally, it also allows editors to play around with more data.

This is all there is to it, folks. How did you like the new Shot on iPhone video showcasing Action Mode? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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