Apple’s Free App of the Week is ‘Lost in Harmony’ – A Brilliant Musical Runner (Save $3.99)

Lost in Harmony

The week is coming to an end and Apple has revealed its free App of the Week. The honor goes to a wonder game called 'Lost in Harmony.'

Lost in Harmony is a Wonderful Game Everyone Should Try on their iPhone & iPad

There are a lot of games on the App Store but there's nothing quite like 'Lost in Harmony.' It features wonderful visuals that are bound to appeal many as well as awesome soundtracks ensuring a further great gameplay experience.

From the App Store:

Unique and beautiful, Lost in Harmony is a hypnotizing experience that’s part rhythm game, part dreamlike runner. You’ll skateboard toward the screen, outrunning tsunamis, dodging robot cops, and tapping floating icons in time with the beat. Each level is totally distinct—and the mesmerizing soundtrack evolves as the stage changes. Between action sequences, you’ll explore a sentimental story about the characters, lending the dream worlds a deeper meaning.


If you always wanted to experience (or play) something different on your iPhone or iPad, then you might want to give this particular game a shot. And while the game will set you back $3.99 on a regular day, but thankfully, it won't cost you a dime for one whole week, courtesy of Apple.

In order to download the game right away, simply tap on the link which we have added below:

In case you're wondering - the game is crafted to work on iPhone and iPad both. This means you do not have to worry about upscaling at all. It's a universal app, install it on any iOS device and it'll just work without any problem.

Last but not the least, the game requires at least iOS 9.1 running on a device otherwise it won't work. So, if you have an older iPhone or iPad not running the aforementioned firmware version then you might want to consider upgrading before playing this title. It's a requirement set by the developer and there is no way around it at all.

Wrap Up

Give the game a spin on your device and we're certain you'll get the hang of it. Besides, the weekend is right on our faces therefore it would be wise to download this title if you want to shave off some free minutes from your busy routine.

The game is free till next Thursday therefore make your move first whether or not you want to avail this offer.

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