Apple’s Free App Of The Week Is A Tricky Puzzle Title – $2 Value

Every week on Thursday, Apple updates its free App of the Week promotion with a new game or app. This week the company has decided to give away the popular tricky puzzle title called Zip-Zap with absolutely no charge. What this means is that for the next seven days, you will be able to get your hands on the puzzle title for free. As for the game itself, Zip-Zap offers deceptively tricky puzzles and much more. So, let's see some more details on what this week's free app has to offer.

Zip-Zap Is Apple's Free App Of The Week Worth $2

Normally, Zip-Zap is priced at $2, but if you're willing to save some extra bucks, be sure to grab your share until next Thursday. if you fail to do so, the game would return to its normal price. In addition to this, the game is available for both, the iPhone and iPad so anyone can take advantage of it.

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As for more details on Zip-Zap, the game offers more than a 100 levels. Moreover the game has been designed brilliantly. It features clever puzzles which will definitely put you through your puzzle solving skills. While most of the puzzle titles on the App Store are boring and does not have much to offer, Zip-Zap is different in a lot of ways and is an utter joy to play.

The App Store Editors' Notes:

Elegant but packed with personality, Zip Zap kept us happily tinkering for hours. To solve its deceptively tricky puzzles, you’ll set Rube Goldberg-style hinges and levers into motion with strategically timed taps. The bite-sized levels and one-finger controls make it perfect for quick escapes.

Although the game features mechanical operations, it feels like the clumsy mechanical objects are alive. The movement of objects and the way you operate them to get the task done is really intuitive. Apart from this, there are several aspects of the game which will provide an even more immersive gameplay experience. For instance, Zip-Zap does not feature in-app-purchases, so everything you do is how it is. Moreover, there are no ads part of it so you can calmly continue playing without worrying about an ad popping up at the worst possible time. For more details, check out the game in action below.

As we have mentioned earlier, the game is available as a free download until next Thursday. If you're interested, be sure to get it before the game returns to its original price.

This is it for now, folks. What are your thoughts on Apple's free App of the Week? Are you willing to give Zip-Zap a swing? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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