Apple’s Free App Of The Week Is A Challenging Colorful Puzzler

Ali Salman

Every week on Thursday, Apple updates its free App of the Week promotion with a new app or game which it offers for free. This week the folks over at Apple have decided to free a unique puzzle title which is not only colorful but quite addictive in its nature. The free App of the Week is called Colorcube and its available for iPhone as well as iPad. We will be noting down some of the key aspects of the game to give you a clearer insight on what the puzzle title has to offer. So let's dive in to shed some light on Colorcube.

Colorcube Is Apple's Free App Of The Week

Normally the free app is priced at just a buck, but if you're willing to get it for free, do head to the App Store to grab your share. This means that from today till next Thursday, you can get your hands on the colorful Colorcube puzzler with absolutely no charge. However, if you fail to do so, the game would return to its standard pricing model. Now let's see some details on the visual and audio aspects of the game.

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The App Store Editors' Note:

Calming colors? Check. Ambient soundtrack? Check. A refreshingly simple premise? Check. Colorcube has all the right ingredients for the perfect chill-out session at the end of a long day. With hundreds of levels to complete, this deceptively challenging game is as stimulating as it is serene…and surprisingly compelling to boot.

To be honest, as compelling and interesting the game is, it's also simpler to get. Once you start running the game, you will see a miniature model of the puzzle that you are required to make. In addition to this, there are handy tools provided below the function region of the game where you will operate your commands. In short, you are required to build a shape provided to you from the given tools. It's this simple yet highly addictive. There are over 250 puzzles to choose from, so you'll never get bored again.

The visual aspect of the game is pretty straight forward. Yes, it's indeed quite colorful and easy on the eyes. The colors are soft and not at all scorchingly sharp. In terms of sound, the audio experience is soothing with a slow ambient soundtrack.  We would definitely recommend you on giving Colorcube a swing. For more details on Colorcube, check out the video embedded below.

If you're interested in checking out the game for yourself, be sure to install it this week as Apple's free App of the Week.  As for now, share your views on this week's free app from Apple.

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