Here Are Apple’s Christmas Gifts To Its Employees; You Won’t Like Them For Sure

Ramish Zafar

Apple's big on culture. The company's products, stores and even headquarters are all centered around a central theme. It's this theme that ensures Cupertino differentiates itself in a world where standardization is inevitable. Now, with 2016 coming to an end, and Christmas just around the corner, Cupertino's just gifted its employees with an assortment of items. Curious? Take a look below to find out what these are.

Apple Gifts Employees With T-Shirts And Printed Credo For Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, folks all over are making preparations for the holiday. Companies too try to create a sense of community to foster motivation and sense of belonging among employees, and more importantly, to reduce annual turnover. Hiring and training new employees is a costly process after all. This year, Apple's annual Christmas gifts to employees seem to focus on this aspect more than before.

Rather than Apple music subscriptions, gift cards or iTunes discounts, Cupertino's made some rather 'cheesy' gifts this year. The company has gifted its employees t-shirts and printed credo. This is to no doubt etch in their minds the details of the company which the work for and to ensure that Apple's mission and vision isn't left out of anyone's thought process.


The t-shirts, as you can see above consist of two circles. These are imprinted with the location of Apple stores throughout the globe, just in case employees forget where the nearest outlet is or need to guide someone else about the location. The second bit is printed with Apple's credo that was introduced in August 2016. It reads:

We are here to enrich lives.
To help dreamers become doers,
to help passion expand human potential,
to do the best work of our lives.


We give more than we take.
From the planet,
to the person beside us.
We become a place to belong
where everyone is welcome.

We draw strength from our differences.
From background and perspective
to collaboration and debate.
We are open.

We redefine expectations.
First for ourselves, then for the world.
Because we’re a little crazy.
Because "good enough" isn’t.
Because what we do says who we are.

We find courage.
To try and to fail,
to learn and to grow,
to figure out what’s next,
to imagine the unimaginable,
to do it all over again tomorrow.


We believe our soul is our people.
People who recognize themselves
in each other.
People who shine a spotlight
only to stand outside it.
People who work to leave this world better than they found it.
People who live to enrich lives.

So go figure folks. If you're working for Apple, the company will make sure that its objectives are hardwired in your brain by the end of each year. And for good measure too. The tech market's becoming increasingly competitive as we progress and differentiation is the only ship which Apple's managed to keep afloat. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned for the latest.

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