Apple’s 2016 Holiday Gift Guide is Now Live

Uzair Ghani
Holiday Gift Guide

Apple has shared its much-awaited 2016 holiday gift guide, suggesting buyers what they should get (or gift) this holiday season.

Apple Throws in a Lot of Subtle (Yet Obvious) Gift Ideas for Coming Holiday Season

Every year Apple highlights a bunch of products on its website which it deems feasible as a gift. This year is no different either, with the Cupertino giant flipping the switch to reveal its 'Holiday Shopping and Gift Ideas' page.

As you'd expect, the list is packed with a lot of flagship Apple products, including the new iPhone 7, MacBook, Apple Watch etc. But with every product, Apple has highlighted the go-to accessory as well, saving shoppers quite a bit of time. For instance, the iPhone 7 'gift' is accompanied by the iPhone 7 Leather Case as well as iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case.

For Apple Watch lovers, Apple is highlighting the Woven Nylon band and the Magnetic Charging Dock. Quite frankly, the latter is the perfect accessory to own (or gift) if you have an Apple Watch at hand. The convenience of just dropping your smartwatch onto a charging station is absolutely superb. If you're looking to go all out on your loved one, then why not just gift the Apple Watch instead? Decisions, decisions.

iPad lovers can take things off by presenting others with Apple's 9.7-inch iPad Pro flagship tablet. But if they have already received that gift, you can take things up a notch by gifting either the Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro or the Apple Pencil. The choice is completely yours.

Apple suggests getting the 12-inch MacBook this holiday season, accompanied by what I'm going to classify as the ultimate accessories - Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones and Magic Mouse 2.

The Apple TV 4 makes the cut as well, obviously. And it is an extremely simple gift which you can buy for anyone that sits snuggly under any TV, bringing tons of entertainment to the big screen without much fuss.

If you are completely out of ideas, then you have the option to buy a gift card and send that over to your loved one. There's nothing better than letting others decide what they want this holiday season, given you are absolutely out of ideas.

Apple is also highlighting other gift ideas as well, including music, photography, games and toys related stuff. We will highly recommend checking them all out. There's a high chance you'll end up finding something either for yourself, your loved one, or a family member.

Last but not the least, Apple will throw in free two-day shipping for order placed before 5:00pm. These orders should have an in-stock status otherwise you have to get in a queue.

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