Apple’s 2015 Holiday Season Gift Guide Has Arrived With Free Shipping


It is no more than six weeks left for Christmas and companies are on the verge to offer their goods for gifts. With such great spirit, Apple is helping users consider their festive shopping all thanks to their 2015 holiday season gift guide. The company has a lot planned out for the holiday season, while some operations have already begun.

For the sake of affordability and convenience, Apple has also started offering free shipments across various regions, constituting the U.S, Europe, Canada and other selected regions. Even though the company does good business, it still wants users to be attracted to the products it offers. Nonetheless, Apple's gift guide covers various categories which we will be talking about later on.

Let's see some additional details on Apple's gift guides and what sort of products and services does the company has to offer in the holiday season.

Apple's Holiday Gift Guide Offers Various Categories

Irrespective of who you're shopping for, Apple's free shipment would deliver products to select regions. Moving on, Apple's gift guide can be narrow to several aspects like travel categories, learning, music, gaming, photography and fitness. With that said, Apple has offered a wide array of choices for the consumers in the holiday season. The aforesaid categories cover products that almost everyone can be interested in.

Apple does not solely solicit its host products for the holiday season, instead the Cupertino giant also offers various products for photographers and fitness junkies. Some of the products include Wahoo TICKR heart rate monitor for fitness or the Wahoo Fitness KICKR SNAP cycling trainer and Olloclip Active Lens or GripTight GorillaPod Video Tripod for photographers.

Apple also has its recent products ready for the holiday season, which means users would have the ability to buy the new iPad Pro, the latest generation Apple TV, Apple Watch, the iPhone 6s and the Retina MacBook. Apart from these newbies, Apple also has more of its stock products for the holiday season. Definitely, there is a lot of Apple-related stuff and more that users can buy for themselves or gift someone in this holiday season.

You can also check Apple gift guide here for more insight into what the company is contributing in the holiday season.

Apple is keen to hook users by offering different kinds of products from various categories. The holiday season is all about gifts for your loved ones. As for now, what Apple products do you wish to buy? Let us know in the comments.