Apple’s $19 Blockbuster Hit Polishing Cloth is Back in Stock!

Uzair Ghani
Apple Polishing Cloth supplies improving

You thought it’s gone for good, but the Apple Polishing Cloth is finally back in stock for everyone to order.

Missed Buying the Apple Polishing Cloth at Launch? Supplies are Improving and it’s Available at the Apple Online Store

Apple managed to ruffle a few feathers in the tech space with the introduction of the Polishing Cloth. Apparently, the cloth is unique in its own right and something which every Apple fanboy should grab hold of. Sadly though, the cloth sold out very fast, and why wouldn’t it!

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With shipping dates going deep into November at launch and selling out as soon as stock arrived, things have improved to the point today where you can place your order right now and you will receive your cloth within a week.

At the time of writing, the Polishing Cloth is available online, directly from Apple. But given how supplies are improving, you can expect the cloth to be picked up directly from a physical retail store near you as well. But we will highly recommend that you take the online store route if fear of missing out is something you don’t want to experience.

In all honesty, you really get nothing special with the Polishing Cloth. You can literally buy something ‘better’ and ‘larger’ for half the price if you know where to look. But if you need something with an Apple logo on it then this makes for an insane collectible.

Who knows Apple might just stop making these altogether down the line!

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