Apple Could Be Working on Not One, but Three AR Headsets, According to Latest Codenames

Apple Could Be Working on Not One, but Three AR Headsets, Suggest Latest Codenames

Apple’s focus on augmented reality could lead the company to make more than one AR headset in quick succession. According to the latest findings, the technology giant could be prepping a total of three models, but it is unclear how quickly we will see them in the market.

First AR Headset Model Reportedly Features the Codename N301, Second Iteration May Have Two Variants for Consumers

Apple’s jump towards augmented and mixed reality will start with its first AR headset, which features the codename N301, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman in the latest Power On newsletter. This particular version is the one that has been talked about the most when it comes to hardware and other specifications. This first model could launch sometime in 2023, where it will take on the Meta Quest Pro, and according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, it could be the most revolutionary consumer product after the iPhone.

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The second AR headset features the codename N602, and instead of one, Gurman claims that Apple is preparing two variants for the public. One of them will provide the best possible immersion experience, while the second model will be a cost-effective way for users to jump into the augmented reality bandwagon. There are no details on which areas Apple is expected to make compromises on to bring down the price of the second version, but there are reports claiming that work has already begun on the second-generation AR headset.

Apparently, the second model could have a 4000PPI display using improved micro-OLED technology. Now that there are three AR headset models, what kind of design change will N421 offer? According to the latest update, N421 will appear less like a larger head-mounted wearable and resemble more like Apple’s AR Glasses, which the company is rumored to be working on. This implies that the third iteration will have a lightweight design, but could also be extremely costly to produce, given that it can be donned on your face like a pair of spectacles while also providing a boatload of functionality.

We will find out more about these products soon, but for now, Apple will be focused on new launches during its September 7 keynote, so let us keep focused on that.

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