Apple Watch Ultra Review Roundup; An Ideal Choice for Anyone Wanting a Tougher, Long-Lasting Smartwatch, but Size Does Not Accommodate Everyone

Apple Watch Ultra Review Roundup; A Better Choice for Anyone Wanting a Tougher, Long-Lasting Smartwatch, but Size Does Not Accommodate Everyone

The Apple Watch Ultra reviews are officially here and it is the biggest, most premium smartwatch that the technology giant has every rolled out. The problem is that while many customers will appreciate the changes brought to this $799 timepiece, it is not for everyone, as you will soon find out.

According to CNET’s Lexy Savvides, the Apple Watch Ultra is a better choice for the following reasons.

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“I feel there are two types of people who will be drawn to the Apple Watch Ultra. The first is anyone who wants a bigger, tougher Apple Watch with a battery that lasts twice as long as the other models. And if you're looking at a 45mm Series 8 in stainless steel, it's almost the same cost as the Ultra -- in the US anyway -- so I think the Ultra is the better overall choice.”

TechRadar has a different take on the matter, claiming that the Apple Watch Ultra has short battery life, but praises the larger display, GPS functionality and the new physical action button.

“The Apple Watch Ultra is easily the best wearable that the brand has ever made, bringing a bright, large screen, a new customizable physical button for making running workouts easier to start or end, and a longer battery life. A clear attempt to take on the likes of Garmin and Polar, Apple has stuck a lot of useful tech and genuinely helpful features that will be of real use in an emergency - for the intermediate fitness enthusiast, or someone that can afford a slightly better Apple Watch, this is an easy buy.

The battery life improvements are welcomed, but are nowhere near long enough to stop the 'range anxiety' of using an Apple Watch - the question of when to charge (made harder as the overnight health tracking gets better, so the nightstand is no longer an option) remains, and there's an odd lack of on-device mapping for when you're out on a hike or run. That aside, the Watch Ultra is arguably the best smartwatch around at the moment, fusing functionality, safety and second-screen smarts in a way that most Apple users will really enjoy.”

Victoria Song’s review published on The Verge states that the Apple Watch Ultra will not sate the requirements of athletes as they will want something extra, but it will be handy for many customers.

“While Apple is going to sell a ton of these to weekend warriors, tech dads, and aspiring non-couch potatoes, I’d argue the Ultra is best for athletes hovering at the cusp between intermediate and advanced levels. The battery life is best for weekend excursions, and the simpler UI and metrics are preferable if you’ve yet to crave overly complex charts. Hardcore athletes or explorers are more likely to want extra features they’re used to that the Ultra doesn’t have. (Yet.)”

If you do not want to check out the written reviews, maybe check out some video content below.




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