Apple Watch Ultra Repairs Cost Is Ultra-Steep; Total Bill Is 62.5 Percent of the Wearable’s Retail Price in the U.S.

Apple Watch Ultra Repairs Cost Is Ultra-Steep; Total Bill Is 62.5 Percent of the Wearable’s Retail Price

The Apple Watch Ultra is marketed as being the most durable smartwatch in the entire lineup. However, every hardware has a breaking point, and if you accidentally reach yours, it can cost you $499, which is nearly the entire price of the wearable.

The Repairs Cost Is Massive Only if Customers Have Not Subscribed to AppleCare+

Fortunately, if you subscribe to an AppleCare+ plan, those repair costs will reduce to $99. As for what will be covered in repairs, Apple states that damage to the titanium shell, buttons, display, sensors, or other components will be serviced. Irrespective if you have subscribed to AppleCare+ or not, replacing the battery on the Apple Watch Ultra will set you back by an additional $99.

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Keep in mind that on top of the one-time AppleCare+ payment of $99 (you can choose to pay a monthly amount of $4.99 as well), you will be charged an additional $79 fee every time the Apple Watch Ultra gets damaged and needs to be serviced. Given the absurd amount of $499 that Apple is charging, opting for AppleCare+ is the safer bet. If you feel that the overall costs are too steep for you to upgrade to the Apple Watch Ultra, you can acquire one of the remaining two models; the Apple Watch Series 8 or the second-generation Apple Watch SE.


Repair costs for the Apple Watch Series 8 without AppleCare+ range from $299 to $399, with battery replacement carrying a $79 fee, the same as the Apple Watch Ultra. As for the Apple Watch SE, non-AppleCare+ repairs cost between $199 to $229, so those numbers are significantly cheaper. If you still wish to upgrade to the best wearable produced by Apple so far, you can order it now from the online store, with deliveries starting September 23.

Looking at the ridiculous repair costs, would you still order the Apple Watch Ultra? Tell us in the comments.

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