Apple Watch Continues to Be the Best-Selling Smartwatch But the Future Looks Bleak


Despite what critics say about the wearable, Apple Watch continues to sell like hot cakes as it maintains its ‘best-selling smartwatch’ title. However, analysts have reported that while the wearable has been doing wonders for Apple in this particular market, sales are going to drop like flies in the near future.

Falling Sales Figures of Apple Watch Estimated to Reach to a Scary 70 Percent

Apple does not provide sales estimates, but a new report from IDC states that while Apple has sold more smartwatches than any company out there, seizing a market share of 40 percent as a result. However, it does not look like the wearable is going to be doing well in the future. While it has sold a total of 1.1 million units for the third quarter of 2016, the tech firm is predicted to have sold 71 percent fewer Apple Watches in the third quarter of this year than what it achieved in the same period in 2015.

In comparison to its predecessor, Apple Watch Series 2 features GPS, a brighter display, a much larger battery and is actually water-resistant, making it a huge step-up from the original. However, there are some gripes which state that the lack of cellular connectivity is one reason why some consumers are not going to purchase it, but to be honest, sustaining battery life on a device of this size is extremely difficult at this point in technology. Apple has also managed to address a ton of issues with its watchOS 3 software update, and it is possible that a large percentage of consumers are waiting for prices to drop further before they move in on their purchase.

Once again, we are reminding the readers that Apple does not officially report sales numbers of its Apple Watch, so these estimates are based on IDC analysts. The only way investors will be able to remotely tell if Apple has sold a sufficient number of wearables is if they look carefully at its ‘Other Products’ business, which includes the likes of the smartwatch itself, headphones, iPod and several other products.

Since the company does not release standalone figures, it is quite difficult to ascertain how many units the company did sell in a given quarter.