Apple Watch ‘S’ Releasing In March, According To Analyst


Yesterday we got wind of the news that Apple is busy working in the background for an event that is to be held on March 15, where the company will unveil three new products. It seems as though one of those new products is going to be a refreshed version of the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch Will See An 'S' Upgrade In March Of This Year

The news comes from Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, and he suggests that the Cupertino company will release an 'S' version of the Apple Watch, which will feature upgraded internals while keeping the design language of the overall device absolutely the same. Think iPhone 6s compared to iPhone 6 and you're not too far off what Munster is trying to say here.

Apple Watch: expect more of an "S" version with similar design, upgraded components including processor[,] battery, new band styles. Unlikely to have a wireless radio, which would allow standalone (i.e. decoupled from iPhone).

Gene Munster also believes that the Apple Watch 'S' will not feature a built-in 'wireless radio' allowing for phone calls without the need of a paired iPhone. Previous reports also suggested that the upcoming Apple Watch will be less dependent on the iPhone, but today's report suggests that making phone calls without an iPhone is not on Cupertino's agenda it seems.

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Today's report is also a big sign that Apple is going to follow the same release pattern as that of the iPhone, pushing out speed improvements to the public domain while keeping the design of the hardware absolutely same from the outside. If you're asking us, it's a good move, but considering the fact that Apple might be keeping one Apple Watch hardware design in the market for two years, then it means that we have to wait at least four until we see a major design refresh. And while that notion might put off a few users from buying the Apple Watch, but it also makes sense to keep the device in the market for an extended period of time, after all, Cupertino's smartwatch is an expensive piece of gadget, something which deserves a larger lifespan compared to the iPhone.

It remains to be seen whether or not today's report has any weight to it, given the fact that Apple is rumored to not launch any new Apple Watch hardware, but instead will focus on new bands. We'll know for sure when March 15 knocks on our door though, so stay tuned for more news on the matter.