Apple Watch Ejecting Water in Slow Motion is the Most Mesmerizing Thing You’ll See Today [Video]

Uzair Ghani
Apple Watch ejecting water from speaker in slow-motion

Apple Watch has a built-in feature that ejects water from the speaker grills. Watch it in action in glorious slow motion and be left in awe.

Watch the Apple Watch Eject All the Water Trapped in the Speaker Grill in Slow Motion

If you aren’t aware already, the Apple Watch has a neat little feature which ejects all the water from the speaker grill if you submerged the wearable in water. How it does this is actually quite simple. The watch plays audio at a certain frequency to vibrate the speaker and it forces the water out of the watch’s casing so you can start hearing everything normally. That might not sound interesting at all, but once you realize that The Slow Mo Guys were involved to demonstrate how this all works, you probably should pay attention.

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In case you are wondering how you can use this feature yourself - just bring up the Control Center and tap on the water-drop icon. This will lock the display of the Apple Watch. Simply turn the Digital Crown and you will hear 10 audio pulses that will push the water out of the speaker.

The Apple Watch is such a tiny device that you might not even notice it ejecting water from the speaker grill at all. But once you throw in some expensive cameras to capture it all in slow-motion then you start to realize how beautiful it looks.

You always thought this feature was nothing but a gimmick, didn’t you? Don’t worry, I’m from that same boat, too.

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