Apple Watch 2 Release Date Tipped For Summer 2016


The Apple Watch 2 will be released in summer of 2016, according to an Apple supplier.

Apple Watch 2

Apple's Supplier Claims The Apple Watch 2 Will Be With Us In Summer 2016

Unlike most Apple products, the Apple Watch is a device that won't see yearly refreshes, like an iPhone or iPad for instance. Instead, the company will rely on a two-year release cycle, after all, the Apple Watch is an expensive gadget to own and keeping one iteration in the market for an extended period of time makes sense as well. Keeping that in mind, and according to a new report, Apple will release the Apple Watch 2 in the summer of 2016.

The news of the Apple Watch 2 release date comes in from an Apple supplier, Quanta Computer, the company which assembles the Apple Watch, and in an investor meeting the chairman, Barry Lam, revealed that the Apple Watch 2 is being developed as we speak.

Quanta Computer also revealed that the Apple Watch 2 will ship near the end of Q2 2016, and the device will be available in limited quantities. The shipping quantities will be boosted at the beginning of Q3 of 2016.

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At this point in time, very little is known about the Apple Watch 2, but given previous reports that we have come by, it seems as though the second coming of Apple's wearable device will feature improved hardware, software and less dependency on the iPhone. The Apple Watch 2 is also rumored to feature a FaceTime camera for video calls, something which is missing in action on the current model.

While details regarding the wearable are sparse at this given point in time, but there are a lot of things which we are looking forward to. For instance, we would love to see a circular display on the next-gen Apple Watch as well as a built-in GPS, among a few other things. You can check out our roundup of the features we want to see in Apple Watch 2 here: Apple Watch 2: Features We Want To See – List.

Like the first-gen Apple Watch, we're certain that Apple will make a huge song and dance about its next wearable product, the Apple Watch 2. And given the first Apple Watch's fashion based credentials, it's a no-brainer that Apple will give the same amount of love to its next wearable device as well.

It remains to be seen where the Apple Watch 2 will take the company from here and whether or not it would entice users in trying out a wearable device with their smartphone.

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