Apple Watch 2 Announcement Month Is A Lot Closer Than You Think


We all thought that Apple Watch 2 was going to be announced alongside iPhone SE, and while it was disappointing that we could not see the successor of the wearable, the latest report from supply chains suggest that the upcoming wearable could be announced much sooner than expected.

Apple Watch 2 Expected To Be Announced Alongside iPhone 7

It looks like the upcoming Apple Watch 2 is going to be announced alongside iPhone 7, according to a report from supply chains. This suggests that Apple Watch 2 is going to be showcased during the month of September, and during the official announcement, Apple could be detailing on how the new wearable and the company’s smartphone lineup will bring new features to the table after they have been updated to watchOS 3 and iOS 10 respectively.

According to more details, shipments of chips and components for the second-generation Apple Watch are set to begin in the third quarter. When Apple announced its powerful 4-inch iPhone SE, it introduced a hefty discount of a $100 in order to boost sales. With Apple Watch 2, Apple is definitely going to add more intricate details to the aesthetics, but the bulk of the changes are going to be introduced from the internals, not to mention that different family of straps are also going to be showcased. It is possible that Apple could be extending its partnership beyond companies like Hermes, thus improving the cosmetic value of the product.


One of the biggest gripes of owning an Apple Watch would be its battery life and minuscule amount of storage, and as its successor is going to be rolled out, we expect that future software updates, a larger cell, and more storage will obviously contribute to a better experience. We expect that Force Touch is going to be retained, along with the form factor of the wearable, which is currently available in the 38mm and 42mm versions.

There is also a chance that Apple Watch 2 could feature a cellular modem but we are going to remove this from the rumor equation because it would mean that majority of the consumers would see no reason to purchase an iPhone, irrespective of the larger screen size that you get in return. For the time being, Apple has probably intended its Apple Watch 2 to be an extension of your iPhone so a cellular feature is definitely out of the cards.

What hardware and features do you think are going to be a part of Apple Watch 2? Let us know your thoughts immediately.