Apple to Introduce Upgraded AirPods and Premium Over-Ear Headphones in 2019 to Act as a Cushion for Potential iPhone Sales Drop


Apple is pumping resources in order to release a premium audio lineup that will comprise up of upgraded AirPods, and not surprisingly, over-ear headphones. Looks like the Beats acquisition would have to end up paying some dividends in the end.

AirPods Reportedly Getting Better Wireless Range, Hands-Free Siri Activation, New Hardware and for the First Time, Water-Resistance

According to people close to the matter, Bloomberg has reported that in 2019, Apple will be launching a HomePod with studio-quality audio, upgraded AirPods and its very own pair of headphones. Talking about the AirPods first, these wireless earphones will be able to feature noise-cancellation and water-resistance. Unfortunately, it might not be possible to give them Ingress Protection, but it means that they will be able to keep out water from light rain and perspiration.

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Unfortunately, the new and improved AirPods also mean that customers might have to pay more than the $159 price tag of the first-generation AirPods. However, with the increased range, the ability to work with a wireless charging case that is also compatible with the company’s upcoming AirPower charger, not to mention hands-free Siri activation, Apple could believe that it has every right to charge every penny.

Additionally, Bloomberg has reported that Apple internally discussed adding biometric sensors on new upcoming AirPods in order to increase its health-related hardware offerings, thus stretching beyond the Apple Watch lineup. However, the 2018 AirPods that will be released later this year will come with a new chip and support for hands-free Siri activation, thus laying the foundations for Apple to incorporate newer features on AirPods coming in 2019.

Over-Ear Headphones Specifications

There are over-ear headphones coming from Apple as well and they will compete with the likes of Bose and Sennheiser. Naturally, they will be using Apple’s branding and because of the company facing numerous challenges, these audio accessories are not going to be released this year. Apple is increasing its accessories range thanks to the sales figure.

Accessories have become an important revenue source in recent years, helping Apple’s ‘Other Products’ unit generate sales of $12.9 billion in the 2017 fiscal year. These sales will also act as a cushion if iPhone sales slow down considerably in the future.

For these over-ear headphones, Apple is said to have discussed working with Tymphany, a Primax Electronics subsidiary that makes consumer and professional audio systems. However, before you get excited, production of these headphones have yet to start because the deal has not been finalized.

What price tag do you think will be accompanied with the release of the 2019 audio accessories? Tell us down in the comments.

News Source: Bloomberg