Apple Will Not Be Selling the LG UltraFine 5K Panel Until Hardware Issues Are Resolved


Owing to the problems associated with the UltraFine 5K display when it comes in close proximity of a router, Apple has decided to do the right thing and has suspended sales of the high-resolution monitor until LG can get the hardware issues sorted out. If you’re paying a very high price tag for a display that complements the 2016 MacBook Pro family, then you should not have to go through the various number of problems other consumers went through.

Problems With the LG UltraFine 5K Display Included Intermittent Shut-Offs Followed by Lack of Responsiveness

The issues being experienced were that if the 5K monitor was in close proximity with a router, it would start behaving erratically such as not showing the display, resulting in a hard reboot from the MacBook Pro with the display connected to the notebook. The problem started arising immediately after the display was attached to the MacBook Pro. The only possible remedy at that point was to use the MacBook Pro and UltraFine 5K combo in a room where there was reduced bombardment of Wi-Fi signals.

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According to Business Insider, Apple employees have been instructed to put the UltraFine 5K monitors on display but they are not allowed to sell them to any customer. If you head down to the Apple website right away, you will notice that the shipping time taken for the high-resolution display to reach your doorstep is between 5-6 weeks, but according to sources close to the matter, that timing is going to go down as soon as the problems plaguing users have been fixed.

Keep in mind that the issues present in the UltraFine 5K display are not present in the 4K one, so if you cannot muster the patience to purchase a panel that resonates more pixels than you could possibly need, then it is recommended that you purchase this one. It is cheaper and will give you the desired resolution.