The New Apple TV Has Support For Stereoscopic 3DTV Content


Apple has already started shipping the Apple TV pre-orders to customers, which were up this Monday. However, what many of us didn't know is the secret trick, packed inside the new Apple TV. The trick is something that Apple kept hidden and did not let us get a hunch of until now.

The new Apple TV has support for stereoscopic 3DTV content, which means that Apple's set-top box has the capability to show the 3D content like games and movies on supported TVs. The Apple Tv can deliver 3D movies, games and more content that can also be downloaded and installed via the tvOS App Store.

Let's dig in to find some more details on compatibility and availability of 3D supported content.

Apple TV Features Support For 3D Content

As much excited as we all were for the new Apple TV release with new hardware and software, support for 3D content on supported TVs is very surprising. Developer Steve Stroughton-Smith found the stereoscopic 3DTV content support in the Pangea Softare's Bugdom 2 game, which is already available on the App Store of the newly introduced tvOS.

Currently there are only a few numbers of 3D games present on tvOS that you can take advantage of on your new Apple TV. However, the number will gradually increase judging by the popularity and utility of the 3D content support in the coming days. On the other hand, this can also be Apple's start to bringing 3D movies and other content to the iTunes in the coming future.

Nonetheless, there are some prerequisites to view 3D content on your new Apple TV. The first line is obviously the supported 3DTV without which the feature support is useless. Moreover, you will also need 3D glasses to view your content. If you have pre-ordered the new Apple TV and want to view 3D content, make sure to prepare your content before hand.

Furthermore, if you own Pangea's games on iOS, they would be free to download on tvOS as well. So make sure you try the 3D apps as soon as your Apple TV arrives which will give you a much better insight to the 3D content feature. Games on tvOS can be played via the Siri Remote that comes pre-packed with the Apple TV along with the compatible gamepad.

This is it for now, folks. Do you guys think the 3D content support for the new Apple TV is an exciting feature? Let us know in the comments.