Apple To Focus On Micro-LED Displays In Its Secret Taiwan Based Factory


A report yesterday revealed details about Apple's secret production laboratory in northern Taiwan to build new display technologies. According to a new report, Apple's Taiwan-based factory will focus on developing micro-LED technology. Apple currently faces mass production dilemmas, which can be regarded as one of the main reasons for its secret facility.

New Taiwan Facility Expected To Focus On Micro-LED Displays

The Cupertino giant is in the works to reduce reliance on Samsung, LG and Sharp for its display needs. The same facility was previously occupied by Qualcomm since 2008, now Apple is reported to have moved to the facility in April. The facility is said to have appointed at least 50 engineers and other recruited employees are said to be working on display technologies for the iPhone and iPad. Apple is keeping its display game strong as the recent report suggested that the company is also working on a new scalable 3D Touch technology.

Moving on, the current LCD displays, embedded in the iPhone and iPads need a dedicated backlit. The micro-LED displays on the other hand do not require backlighting, which might be the reason for their light weight, more brightness and a thinner profile. The micro-LED displays also improves an overall color gamut which would deliver a much more color accurate result. However, the company may have to face some drawbacks in the micro-LED production.

Apple requires a large number of displays and faces an existing mass production problem. As cited by DigiTimes, “the technology suffers from low yields when used in a TFT manufacturing process and therefore is difficult to mass produce.” This might be a problem for Apple since it has an enormous consumer demand to meet.

To meet these increased demands, it is thought that Apple's aim in the Taiwan-based facility is to develop new ways in which the display demands could be met. Apple's mission follows its last year acquisition of LuxVue Technology. It is a small California-based company which is specialized in micro-LED displays dedicated for consumer electronics applications.

Apple is also expected to use OLEDs for its iPhone, iPod and the iPad in the future. However, the company will not adopt OLED displays for the iPhone until 2017. Henceforth, we probably have to wait for 2018 to see the final results. Although, it might be interesting to see where does Apple's micro-LED investigation goes.

This is it for now, folks. What do you think about micro-LED displays? Do you think Apple might implement it in its upcoming products? Share your thoughts in the comments.