Apple teases fans with new iPhone shots?

Every year Apple always releases a new model of their popular iPhone to the world, first came the iPhone 2G, then iPhone 3G, then iPhone 3GS, and now the new iPhone which apparently is based on the iPad flatbed design.


The pictures show a 64 GB model, whats really interesting is that the design is unique compared to its predecessors such as space for a ring/silent switch and volume rocker along the side, and dock connector, microphone, speaker, and a pair of screw holes along the bottom.

People doubt the authenticity and validity of the images 'leaked' and believe them to be fake but amazingly all the pictures passed Adobe photoshop cs4 with matching metadata. So is this really a new iPhone design or is it a cleverly angled iPad picture zoomed in?

For more details and pictures head over here: MacRumors

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