Apple Support App Available on iPhone and iPad Gets Estimated Repair Cost Feature


Even though Apple provides a breakdown on its online support pages on how much the customer has to pay to repair a broken iPhone and iPad, or just a specific part of it, the company has updated its Apple Support app to make things easier for customers. Now, a new feature is introduced, providing price estimates for common repairs, along with select locations that will perform those repairs.

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After updating the Apple Support app for the iPhone and iPad, MacRumors reports that you can tap on a device that you own in the ‘My Devices’ list. From here, choose ‘Repairs & Physical Damage’ to see a list of estimated costs. This is helpful because customers will know beforehand how much money they have to pay from their pocket to get their iPhone or iPad repaired.

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Common repairs include things like a cracked screen, a shattered back, or performing a battery service. There are also options for customers to book a repair service, so the process takes the least amount of time to complete. Unfortunately, at this time, Apple Support does not have a list of complicated repair procedures such as liquid damage or the camera behaving erratically.

If Apple adds these in the app sometime in the near future, it should be highly beneficial for customers, though they will likely be displeased with the total amount since the company charges a large sum for complicated repair procedures. To make things between you and Apple Support personnel easier, there is a ‘My Devices’ section included in the app that has a new text entry box.

You can tell Apple’s concerned department what is happening with your iPhone or iPad. This addition should make it simpler for the repair personnel to isolate the problem quicker. You can update the Apple Support app from here and if there is a problem with your iPhone or iPad, get it resolved in record time.