Apple Asks Suppliers to Prepare for 95 Million iPhone 14 Shipments, up From 90 Million, Likely Expecting High Demand

Aug 8, 2022 08:24 EDT
Apple Asks Suppliers to Prepare for 95 Million iPhone 14 Shipments, up From 90 Million, Likely Expecting High Demand

Apple will reportedly launch its iPhone 14 series in less than a month, and after likely witnessing a decrease in the Android smartphone space, the technology giant apparently asked suppliers to increase shipments to 95 million units for 2022. Previously, the California-based firm was rumored to have asked suppliers to prepare 90 million units for this year.

Potentially Increased Demand Can Also Be Due to the Lack of an iPhone 14 mini Model

An increase of 5 percent is expected from Apple’s supply chain production output, according to the latest report published by UDN. For those that do not know, we are expected to see four models launch later this year. One of them will be the regular iPhone 14, followed by the iPhone 14 Max, then the premium and obviously more expensive iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

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Given that Apple is no longer scheduled to launch a ‘mini’ variant this year, sales are expected to pick up since consumers see the advantage in upgrading to iPhones with larger displays. Another reason why Apple may have asked suppliers to increase iPhone 14 shipments to 95 million units is it wants to take advantage of a sales slump happening in the Android smartphone market.

Given the global economic condition, increased inflation has eaten into the purchasing power of consumers, who can no longer upgrade to a flagship or even a mid-ranger of their choice. Also, given that no Android phone vendor comes close to providing the post-sales support as Apple, it is a no-brainer that the latter is anticipating higher demand for its handsets.

To fulfill the aggressive iPhone 14 shipments goal, Foxconn was previously reported to increase bonuses in an attempt to attract workers. Samsung was earlier said to provide 80 million OLED panels for various iPhone 14 models, but with the shipment figure apparently increased for 2022, there is no update on how many more units the Korean display maker can churn out for this year. LG and BOE will likely complete the remaining orders.

With less than a month remaining for the iPhone 14 event, we believe a massive of upgrades are coming in Apple’s direction from the consumers, so stay tuned for more updates.

Source: UDN


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