The Apple Store Is No Longer Called A Store Anymore, It’s Just Apple


One of the most famous company’s in the world, Apple, is now trying to simplify its retail chain branding by eliminating the word “Store”. After this announcement the stores of Apple from now on will now be known as ‘Apple’ followed by the location of that store. This change was noted in a very recent opening of Apple’s World Trade Center. The name given was Apple World Trade Center and not Apple Store World Trade Center. The opening was in the stunning Oculus/Westfield Mall in Lower Manhattan. This shows that Apple is trying to rid itself of the word store. The first customers to enter the new shop were still given the same free t-shirts and a roaring applause from the employees, marking the new store’s opening.

'Apple' is the new Apple store

One would almost think that this change was brought in just for the sake of change. But the company argues that the whole thing is not as silly as it seems. In fact they are trying to change the perspective of customers, they want to make their retail stores more than a place where you would go and buy an iPhone, and they want to give you the full experience. The change has started from the Apple Union Square; now the stores will all feature huge 6K screens, lush greenery and also will also have a place for customers to sit down. They’re giving you the whole Apple experience from now on.


Happy customers being greeted at the Apple World Trade Center Opening on the 16th of August 2016

The avenue displays are going to get changed with the changing seasons. They will exhibit the products that are most relevant to that time period. As of now, the company displays are featuring the iPhone photography accessories. The new concept change is brought to us by the senior VP retail, Angela Ahrendts. "The store becomes one with the community," she said at the unveiling of Apple Union Square. According to the reports by MacRumors, the company has already circulated an email to its employees regarding the closure, saying that “Apple Store” is no more with us.

apple store 2

The new structure and rebranding of the retail section is already up on the official website. Let us know what you think of this rebranding technique used by Apple. Do you think this is just change for the sake of change or is this something you will enjoy when visiting Apple next time?

A section in the newest stores of Apple for customers to sit and enjoy