Apple Cuts Down iPod Supplies To Target; Upgrade Imminent?

As we near September, several Apple devices have started to appear in the rumor mill. While we've seen plenty related to the iPhone 6S Duo so far, and a bit about the iPad Pro as well, perhaps one of the most significant Apple news over the past couple of days has been about the iPod Touch. Apple's music player has been considered to be dead by many, but looks like the Cupertino manufacturer finally has had a change of heart, as news about the iPod's refresh has started to occur at an increasing pace. And now some inventory listings from Target seem to be confirming this as well.

Target's Inventory Listing Shows iPod Supply From Apple To Be Constrained; Refresh On The Cards?

A snapshot of Target's inventory listing has surfaced recently, which shows Apple's inventory supply to the retailer. As can be seen in the image above, while the iPad Mini has been discontinued completely, both the iPad Mini 2 and the iPad Air have started to see constrained replenishment's from Apple. But what interests us the most are all three variants of the iPod. Apple's potential launch plans for 2015 have caused inventory supplies to be decreased and their availability to stores will be absolutely minimal.

Such a minimal supply from Apple begs the question as to what will the future of the iPod be. A decreased supply could mean a few things really. Either Apple's decided to completely discontinue the iPod, which should be highly unlikely, or the Cupertino manufacturer has run into some supply issues. But as two other iPads have also seen decreased supplies, we think a third option might be on the table as well. Apple's recent launch of Apple Music makes it perfect time to upgrade its iPod lineup, particularly the larger screened iPod Touch, which has been running on 2012 hardware since its last refresh.

The iPod's future really is looking to be bright, and given that the music player is one of the first major Apple products to gain market popularity with the original iPod classic, it should be highly unlikely that it is discontinued. So if you're looking for a music player upgrade over the summers, wait a little bit longer. An iPod refresh is starting to become all the more possible and we finally might get to see it running on a latest processor, with top tier display and camera specifications. Fingers crossed. Stay tuned and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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