Apple’s Tri-Layer Smart Case Patent Details Protection & Heat Dissipation For Your iPhone


We've seen a lot of rumors for the iPhone 8. They peg the device with features which will add a lot to the lineup. Wireless charging, virtual fingerprint recognition, OLED display are all upgrades which have been due for some time on the iPhone. It's a classic Apple to wait until the market has already tasted new upgrades and then deliver its own versions. One particular tidbit for the iPhone 8 is that Apple will use a graphite sheet to ensure proper heat dissipation for device. Now an all new patent hints at a similar feature, outside the device.

Apple's Latest Patent For An iPhone Case Which Will Dissipate Heat From Key Components

This year, flagship smartphones and processor will focus improvement in two areas. While performance, as usual, will be a key target for manufacturers, power efficiency will take an equally important role. We don't want accidents similar to the Galaxy Note 7 and manufacturers share this viewpoint. For Apple, rumors of wireless charging for the iPhone 8 also feature mention of a graphite sheet. Wireless charging will generate quite a bit of heat for the iPhone and Cupertino's looking at ways to manage this.

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Today's patent is about a unique case that will also dissipate heat from the iPhone. Courtesy as always of folks over from Patently Apple, the document highlights a three layer solution for the device. It'll work by placing a thermally conductive layer in the iPhone shell exactly where heat generating components are located. This layer, will also form a path that will allow for heat to transfer from the component to another location. This location can lead away from the device shell and result in efficient dissipation.

This case for the iPhone will work using three separate layers. The first layer, as shown in figure 15 above will be in direct contact with the iPhone. It will house thermally conductive features and materials which will allow heat to pass through. A very cool feature of the patent is phase change for the thermally conductive materials. They'll be able to change form from solid to liquid to absorb heat, allowing for a very efficient mechanism. Of course, this layer won't protect your iPhone much.

To counter this, Apple will introduce second and third layers. The second layer will feature structurally rigid materials, to add protection. The third layer will form the case's exterior and will be visible to the naked eye. It's a very interesting take at a smartphone cover and we all know how much Apple loves its accessories. Will an official iPhone case join the ranks? We'll find out. Till then, stay tuned and let us know what you think in the comments section below. We'll keep you updated on the latest.