Apple Set to Extensively Improve Siri But Here’s How It Is Going to Be Different Than Amazon’s Alexa

Omar Sohail
Apple Siri

With Siri way behind the dominating force of Google Assistant and Alexa, it looks like Apple is going to shift into the 5th gear in improving the services of its voice assistant. However, sources close to the matter state that the company has a different stance on how it plans to implement those improvements.

Sources Close to the Matter State That Apple Plans to Focus on Heavily Improving Small Features of Siri Rather Than Expanding Its Services Base Like Alexa

Apple is expected to announce that Siri is going to be working with a variety of applications. This announcement is more than likely going to be made during the WWDC event taking place on Monday. However, the changes being implemented in Siri are going to be different as opposed to the extensive amount of work being done with Amazon’s Alexa. Though the improvement of Siri is going to be carried out in order to take on Alexa, the approach with which this is going to be carried out will be vastly different.

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Apple is probably going to be focusing on a few features and attempt to perfect them, rather than introduce a new wave of ‘never before seen’ additions, according to Reuters. To remind you, Siri works with six different types of applications:

  • Ride-hailing and sharing
  • Messaging and calling
  • Photo search
  • Payments
  • Fitness
  • Auto infotainment systems

Though the number of features has not been confirmed, Apple is expected to add to those categories which in turn will thoroughly improve the overall experience for the user. Our personal recommendation would be to improve the speech-to-text feature using Siri otherwise lots of users will continue to rely on Google Assistant since it is slightly more accurate in understanding different accents and dialects.

There are rumors that Apple also plans to introduce a Siri-powered speaker, but it looks like we will get to know about this product addition at WWDC. Personally, heavily improving existing features would be the way to go. We can definitely expect the tech giant to bring upgrades to the mix, but looking at how Apple was the first to introduce a voice assistant for smartphones and wait as its competitors caught up to it and improved upon their services, we should definitely expect a whirlpool of implementations.

What sort of improvements are you expecting from Apple during WWDC? Tell us your thoughts down in the comments.

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