Apple Showcases ‘Liam’ And Its Initiatives To Save The Environment


Apple is on the verge of announcing new products, including the iPhone SE, the 9.7-inch iPad Pro along with new Apple Watch bands. As the event heats up, Apple talks about how it is working to save the environment and what aspects are part of its plans for the future. As can be seen, the company is focusing its technology towards the betterment of the planet.


Apple Working With Technology For The Betterment Of The Environment

The first aspect that Apple emphasized is the utilization of energy resources. The company is keen to find new ways of energy consumption as well as production. To implement these changes, Apple is looking forward to shift to renewable resources. While the company is to some extent using these natural resources to produce energy, greater attempts are on their way for an even bigger shift.

Firstly, Apple is looking forward to use natural renewable resources such as the wind, solar and other resources. The Apple Renew program will allow the company to be more environmental friendly. All of the actions to be implemented will take care of the carbon footprints that we're all very well aware of.


Moreover, the company today, showed an amazing little robot called 'Liam' that recycles used iPhone. At a certain time when the iPhone's standards fall short on usage, Liam scans the device and separates each component separately. The components are stored, which can then be used in the manufacturing of new parts. Liam is a smart device as it detects the type of material embedded in the iPhone and then separates and stores it in a neat manner. Lisa Jackson states, "There's no other machine in the world that does what Liam can do,"

According to Apple, 93 percent of its facilities located worldwide run on renewable energy. Furthermore, the company is at a 100 percent mark in 23 countries that includes China and the U.S. The company also outlined its efforts in Singapore as it placed solar arrays on rooftops and the solar farm in China.

On Apple's 40th birthday on April 1, Liam could possibly bolster the company's reputation in terms of environment and recycling. The company is definitely working for the environment. Apple has introduced the new iPhone SE and many more products today. Do stay tuned for more coverage on the the company's media event. As for now, what are your views on the company's attempts to save the environment? Share your thoughts in the comments.