Apple Sells 50,000 iPad in First 2 Hours

It is indeed a marvelous victory on Apple's part as their hottest product to date [or at least for 2010] has started queuing up for grabs like hot cakes.

Mashable reports that they have indeed taken up a report from a group of die hard Apple fans in APPL Sanity Board, who track everything Apple does and they have put up a spreadsheet in which all calculations are done. Also according to Fortune’s Phillip Elmer-DeWitt, Victor Castroll a member of APPL Sanity Board had been monitoring the spreadsheet and the numbers are there telling the story. From another blogger, Andrew Erlichson that they had ordered 2 iPads at different times and the difference between two orders was of 10,000. Therefore if Apple is actually counting right, they have collected orders of 50,000 iPads in first 2 hours.

Honestly speaking, I would not be surprised if Apple comes out and says that it has managed to booked nearly a million iPads in pre-order phase, which has started today as knowing how crazy Apple fans are, it is very much possible.

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