Apple Is The Second Most Valuable Brand On This Planet


There’s no doubt about Apple’s universal popularity. The now industrial giant might have been off to a slow start but thanks to the exemplary vision behind the company’s name, Apple is now as popular as a company can globally get. From being alien to a leader in innovation to market share leader, Apple’s been there, done that.

The company’s market share has been on a rapid incline thanks to the visionary Steve Jobs who’s sold Apple products by doing them justice that they deserved. Due to that, the company’s brand value has overshadowed that of all other companies, save for Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola has been an example how a brand should be brought up. The company is an excellent example of how a brand can survive through dire times with the help of persistent and excellent marketing. It’s hard to believe that Apple sat back on 20th place a mere 3 years ago, since they’re now only $1.3 billion behind the iconic Coca-Cola. That alone is a standard that defines how successful the computer industry has become since Coca-Cola has been around since our great great great grandfather, whereas Apple was conceived in the late 70’s.

Interbrands conducted the survey for 2012 in order to pit the big names against one another and decide an ultimate winner. The report states that Coca-Cola is currently worth $77.8 Billion. Apple is dangerously close with a net worth of 76.5 billion. Even though the leap has been massive in only three years, Apple stood on 7th place last year too. It doesn't take rocket science to predict that Apple is sure to overthrow our favourite fizzy drinks company when Interbrands conduct their comprehensive survey again in 2013.

There are other contenders in the run too. In fact after SAMSUNG’s success with its Galaxy series of mobile phones, we’ve been keeping a close eye on their success and sales reports. Other honourable mentions include IBM and Intel. Outside the tech industry there’s McDonald’s and General Electronic too. However it’s safe to say that Apple has the lead on all these companies by quite a margin.

We’re more interested in SAMSUNG and Google since they’re both one of the top companies in the smartphone industry. However, Apple’s diversity in products and success in every single one of them gives it a generous upper hand. Still, with Google taking up lead with the number of smartphones featuring Android and SAMSUNG showcasing exceptional sales in the mobile department, we’re more than interested in the clash of the titans due next year.