Apple: We Don’t Need No Screen Protectors…


Sing it like Pink Floyd's "The Wall" and you will get the "tune". On the other hand Apple has reportedly said that it will no longer endorse any more screen protectors for its iPhone [that is lame actually]. Now what I wonder is what is go next? Maybe the pouches or casings.

Apple has been on the roll to modify its products and services ever since Google entered the mobile OS market with Android. On one hand Google is rapidly working on making accessories for its Nexus One and we can see the online market (Amazon, Cellular Nationwide Network) to be ahead of everyone to come up with Nexus One accessories like screen protectors and protective casings. Now this move has taken those consumers by surprise who actually were dependent on Apple to tell them which screen protector is best for their iPhone [what will they do now].

Apple Store

Anyway, the word is that Apple is now looking at including the protective laying technology for repelling finger prints and minor oil stains into the screens of future iPhone, iPad and other "i" related products which carry a large screen display.

Via: Engadget & 9to5Mac