Apple Reportedly Has Plans to Launch Satellites Within Five Years so It Can Beam Data Directly to Devices

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Better connectivity on smartphones is always a plus and according to a new report, Apple has decided to take things in its own hands. The goal is to improve interconnectivity between iPhones apparently and work is underway currently to make satellites. Yes, you heard that right: Apple is reportedly working on launching satellites to help beam data directly to users’ devices, ranging from mobile phones, tablets, and others. Want to know more about the company’s plans on how it apparently wants it to reach completion? Read on more to find out.

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The latest insight revolving around Apple’s future plans come in the form of a Bloomberg report. According to it, the Cupertino giant has a dedicated team that’s exploring ways to beam data into iPhones directly, kind of how the internet does. This will apparently reduce the company’s dependency on wireless carriers and provide it greater control over its smartphones and other devices. Moreover, this will allow the devices in the Apple ecosystem to connect to each other without needing a traditional network. Additionally, it can result in better tracking and potentially give birth to newer features down the road.

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Right now, around a dozen engineers from the satellite, aerospace, and antenna design industries are said to be working on this ambitious project. In fact, Apple is reportedly looking for more people to expand the research team working on the initiative. The company’s CEO, Tim Cook is reportedly serious about the project as he has supposedly made it a priority.

Apple will apparently be able to commercialize the technology within five years. That being said, the project is still in its early stages so high-end projects like this are not without a plethora of roadblocks. That being said, it remains to be seen if Apple will use satellites or something else to accomplish the data-beaming process.

From the look of things, Apple might have been dedicating resources around this venture for quite a while because back in 2017, the company had reportedly poached two satellite executives from Google. At that time, their role at Apple wasn’t clear but now we can connect the dots and assume that they are working on satellites for improving connectivity and communication. Around the same time, the company was rumored to be in talks with Boeing about a low-earth satellite orbiting to provide internet access to developing countries.

Either way, Apple’s own deadline is set for five years, and thus, we will have to wait to a rather long time to find out exactly what the company is working on. In the meanwhile, we can certainly hope to get to know more about the developments of this project, and when we do we’ll be sure to update you.

News Source: Bloomberg

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