Apple Routs Competition On Black Friday

Sohaib Ahmad

Apple blasts its way to become the major seller on Black Friday. Many transactions which were done on friday went through IBM's computers by which it was revealed that 82% of sales were done from either an iPhone or an iPad. On the OS front, iOS devices accounted 17.3% of all purchases done on Black Friday while Android managed a meagre 3.75%.

Apple Blasts Competition On Black Friday

Black Friday

As predicted, the average sale price for an iOS device was higher than a similar Android powered device. The Average for iOS was 131.34 while it was 111.35 for Android sales. The use of mobile devices to buy stuff online was quite high (21%), surprisingly out of this, tablets are in the lead with 13.2% while the other 7.8% is filled by Smartphones.

In other news, Apple's share price increased by 2%, mostly thanks to its iPhone 5S,while the share price has not exceeded its former glory, it still is a sizable improvement. The iPhone 5S's extremely high demand has forced Apple to increase its production as a result Foxconn is now producing the flagship smartphone at an astonishing rate of 500,000 per day.

Black Friday


Sales from tablets are also due to rise and may even overtake desktops and laptops in the following years, it is predicted that in the foreseeable future tablet and smartphone sale will take the bigger piece of the cake in sales.

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