Apple Is Revamping Its Retail Stores With New Positions, Design, More


Apart from ditching the 'Store' moniker from its retail outlets, Apple is introducing a bunch of changes to how its retail stores work. Here are the complete set of details on the changes.

Apple Retail Stores Are Getting A Employee Level Revamp As Well As A New Layout

For the past few years Apple has followed a set pattern when it comes to how the company operates its retail stores, including design. But all of that is about to get a revamp, as the company has taken some key decisions in several 'all-hands meetings with retail employees this weekend.'

In the meeting it was decided Apple is going to introduce three new positions at its retail stores - Pro, Creative Pro and Technical Expert. Here's what their function is going to be, according to a report by MacRumors:

• Pro: A new sales position above Expert. These employees are considered the most knowledgable about Apple products and services.

• Creative Pro: A new learning position above Creative. These employees are considered the most knowledgable about Apple products and services.

• Technical Expert: An all-new customer support position in between Technical Specialist and Genius. These employees will be able to provide mobile repairs, a task previously limited to Geniuses, and troubleshooting for software and products like the Apple Watch and Apple TV. The position will help reduce Genius Bar/Grove and service wait times.

The report further goes on to state that apart from introducing the above new position, the company has opted to rename current ones as well. They are as follows:

• Red Zone Specialist → Specialist
• Family Room Specialist → Technical Specialist
• Business Specialist → Business Expert
• Back-of-House Specialist → Operations Specialist
• Inventory Specialist → Operations Pro

Furthermore, Apple is going to call 'Back-of-House' as the Backstage, whereas the sales floor will now be known as the 'Product Zone.'

According to Apple itself, the company has well over 30 retail outlets that are based on the new design language. Also, the company is currently in a transition to renovate a lot of its retail locations with the newfound design whereas those locations built after mid-2015 already follow the new layout.

Wrap Up

It's a good sign that Apple is doing all it can in its power to enhance its retail store experience for customers. But it remains to be seen whether or not the company will put the same kind of innovation its product lineup as well. After all, the company is seeing a drop in sales when it comes to its smartphone lineup. Every ounce of innovation is crucial at this point in time.