Apple Reportedly Working On A Magic Keyboard With E-Ink Display Keys – Video


Apple is said to be in talks to acquire Sonder, an Australian startup that specializes in making keyboards with e-link display. According to previous reports Apple is working on a MacBook Pro with an OLED touch panel, which will replace the function key row. The touchpanel at the top of the keyboard will provide contextual details and buttons to interact with what is running at the moment. However, what about the company's Magic keyboard?

Apple Magic Keyboard With An E-Ink Display Could Possibly Be In The Works

The claim comes from a Reddit poster by the name of Foxconninsider that there was an Apple keyboard on display at the Foxconn event in Tsinghua University in China. The keyboard featured an e-ink display instead of keys. The e-ink keyboard was just a prototype and totally part of testing so the chances of becoming a final product are rare.

Foxconn hosted the demo day on campus at their Innoconn Incubator with startups they have invested in. It is the same science park as Apple's new 300m R&D center. They had an Australian startup which I recognised from a Wired Germany magazine from last year. The startup Sonder makes a smart keyboard module, it has a new magnetic mechanical mechanism and a lit E Ink display which allows for swapping shortcuts and languages etc. I saw it swap between a few programs and languages (English, Japanese, Taiwanese layouts etc).

Apple's Sonder acquisition will possibly allow the company to update its Magic Keyboard in 2018 with color e-ink keys and a smart module. The e-ink color display will allow for more diversified controls as it could possibly have the ability to rapidly swap characters for different types of shortcuts or even adapt to a different language. Other than this, if the e-ink keyboard turns out to be true, there could be different modes available, gaming for instance.. Check out the video embedded below for deeper insight.

Foxconn reportedly showcased the e-ink keyboard prototype to attendees at a closed event. The early prototype of the Magic Keyboard can potentially make dynamic keyboards a new standard in the computers. However, since details are a little short, we can't jump to any final conclusions just yet.

Even though Reddit mods have verified the identity of the poster, we're not sure whether the report is true or not. The keyboard with an e-ink display is said to be made by Sonder and Apple is in talks to acquire it for the technology they possess. Nonetheless, we will keep you guys posted for more details as soon as we hear it.

As for now, what are your thoughts on the e-ink keyboard display? Do you think Apple will make use of it in its future Magic Keyboard update? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.