Apple Releases New HomePod 15.1.1 Update with Fix for Podcasts Failing to Play


Podcasts failing to play on your HomePod? Apple has released a new 15.1.1 update that fixed the issue.

HomePod 15.1.1 Update Fixes Issue Where Podcasts Would Fail to Play

If you have been having trouble playing podcasts on your HomePod then you will be pleased to learn that a new software update is out that fixes the issue. Dubbed as the HomePod 15.1.1 update, the software is available to download right now over the air.

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You can manually download and install the update by launching the Home app on your iPhone, iPad or Mac. Once here, select Home Settings, select Software Update and then tap on Update.

The update is available for both HomePod and HomePod mini and we highly recommend that you go ahead and install it right now.

HomePod 15.1.1 comes a week after 15.1 update was released.