Apple Releases New Firmware For Its HomePod Smart Speaker Ahead Of Launch


Today, Apple had seen fit to release the new firmware for its HomePod Smart Speaker ahead of its December launch. However, unlike Apple's other software released, the new firmware for the speaker is not available through the Developer portal. Instead, only those testers have the ability to download it who already have the HomePod and it is also listed on third-party iOS software websites. This makes it available for download by the general public. So let's dive in to see some more details on the new firmware and whether it has any other leak to offer.

Apple Has Released New Firmware For Its Siri-Enabled HomePod Smart Speaker

Previously, when the iPhone X was running wild in the rumor mill, a HomePod firmware was released that provided developers with enough details for what the new flagship from Apple could have in store for users. The firmware was released back in July and it detailed various design aspects of the iPhone X and several other features like the Face ID facial recognition system.

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In addition to this, the firmware also unveiled the viewpoint regarding the HomePod itself. For instance, the startup process of the smart speaker and more. As for the hardware details, the firmware detailed the smart speaker's specifications such as RAM and display resolution. This information was more than enough to speculate the ability of the device in terms of power.

As we speak, we do not expect any iOS device to release anytime soon. So the firmware update could not have much in store considering the leaks. However, once developers are done tinkering with the firmware, we could possibly know more details on the HomePod smart speaker itself. So better wait and watch what the new firmware update has to offer.


At this point in time, HomePod devices are currently available to Apple employees for testing purposes. These developers are working to make the overall listening experience smooth and crush any bugs that might cause an issue. So it's good to see Apple working on it thoroughly before its final launch date in December.

Apple's HomePod Smart Speaker emphasizes on high-quality audio with top-notch specifications. The Siri-enabled Smart Speaker houses a 7 tweeter array, a 4-inch woofer at the top which is designed by Apple, an A8 process to power the device and more. The HomePod Smart Speaker will be available to users in December and will be priced at $349.

This is it for now, folks. What are your thoughts on the new HomePod firmware release? Do you think it will reveal any hidden element? Share your views in the comments.