New Apple Patent Hints at an All-In-One Single Glass Sheet iMac

Apple Patent

Apple files a boatload of patents for imaginative devices and it's not always certain that they would see daylight. Similarly, the company has filed a new patent that imagines the iMac made from a single sheet of glass. While the patent does not necessarily mention an iMac, the similarities are hard to ignore.

New Apple Patent Describes an iMac-like Device Built From A Single Sheet of Glass

The patent describes the electronic device as an all-in-one with the display situated at the upper portion and the lower portion is reserved for input controls. There is also a transitional section that connects the two halves which allow for a "continuous curved surface between the upper portion and the lower portion."

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As mentioned earlier regarding the new Apple patent, the lower portion described in the patent is responsible for holding input devices while the upper portion will serve as the display given its size. There's also a stand at the back that aims to hold the device in one place. Given the size of the stand, it can house necessary components and it will also contribute to adjusting and positioning the display.

Furthermore, the glass between the two areas is described as flexible which means that it will be able to change the display angle. The input area is said to extend along a certain portion of the display which will make room for a "touch-screen style". This will allow for more options such as wireless charging for other devices or data transfer capabilities.

Apple Patent

An electronic device comprising: a slumped glass housing member defining: a continuous exterior surface of the electronic device; and an opening extending through the slumped glass housing member; a support structure coupled to the slumped glass housing member and configured to support the slumped glass housing member; a display coupled to an upper portion of the slumped glass housing member; and a keyboard having: a storage configuration in which the keyboard is positioned at least partially within the opening; and a use configuration in which the keyboard is extended from the opening.

Apple also provides information on the design where a keyboard can be attached to the lower portion of the glass. In addition, the patent also highlights a camera that can be embedded into the glass enclosure using the "optically transmissive material." According to Apple, the design of the patented device could be made of glass but the housing of it could feature plastic or ceramic, given the material is light-transmissive.

Apple Patent
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The material for the said design could have its own set of features like wireless charging, scratch resistance capabilities and more. Moreover, Apple in its patent also points out that biometric sensing capabilities could also be part of the mix which could detect fingerprints, heart rate, temperature and more.

Take note that this is just a patent and there's no word that it will see daylight any time soon. Yes, we're waiting for an iMac redesign but this implementation is unlikely. There have been a plethora off patents filed by Apple and it's not at all necessary that it will be announced soon.

How do you take the new Apple patent? Do you think the design is practical? Let us know in the comments.

News Source: Patently Apple

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