Apple Could Retake Its Lost Spot From Huawei; Become Second-Largest Phone Maker Thanks to iPhone 11’s Popularity


Before Huawei was put on the entity list, the company was doing spectacularly well. According to most estimates, it had surpassed Apple in terms of sales by a wide margin and the Chinese tech giant was confident that it will become the largest smartphone vendor in the world by the end of the year, beating Samsung in the process. However, it now seems that the company will not even be able to hold on to the second spot.

Lack of Google Services on Mate 30 Range Seem to Be Their Undoing While Apple Appears to Be Bouncing Back

This prediction comes from DigiTimes, which believes that Apple will reclaim the second spot by the end of the year. So far, Huawei has managed to retain the silver medal but as the effects of the ban start to kick in, shipments will take a hit. The report says that while Huawei devices likely outsold iPhones in the third quarter, the last quarter is when Apple takes its place back.

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The Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro are Huawei’s first phones to ship without Google apps and services. While some consumers have found ways to install Google apps, others will probably just choose alternatives instead of experimenting with workarounds. In its home country of China, Huawei has heavily discounted its latest flagships and thus, domestic sales are expected to pick up some of the slack. Even then, the local shipments will likely not be enough to offset declining global sales.

At the same time, Apple’s iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro range is doing better than expected, even when there were predictions stating that lack of design change and 5G support would reduce their popularity. As a result, the Cupertino giant has reportedly decided to increase supply. Due to this, sales predictions may have been revised, but not considerably.

Huawei’s sales were bound to plummet sooner or later and the company had also seen this coming. Even if the Chinese giant somehow manages to boost demand, the supply of vital components is now reportedly running low. Thus, either way, the company’s downfall was inevitable and we’ll see if Huawei is able to pick up the momentum down the road.

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News Source: DigiTimes