Apple Officially Marks the First MacBook Pro With Retina Display as Obsolete


Eight years after its release, Apple's first MacBook Pro with Retina Display is now "obsolete". According to Apple's support document, this means is that if you own a product that is obsolete, it is no longer eligible for any hardware services and there are "no exceptions" to the plan. Apple obsoletes products after years of support, more than what the industry provides which allows customers to be more loyal.

Apple Obsoletes Its First MacBook Pro With Retina Display That Debuted in 2012

As mentioned earlier, Apple's first MacBook Pro with Retina Display is now obsolete and if you own it, Apple will not be accepting it for any repair, even if it requires a new battery. If you require any repairs, you will have to opt for an alternative. You can also make use of iFixit's DIY repair guides to fix your broken MacBook Pro.

Apple Silicon Will Enable a Better Future for Gaming on the Mac, Says Developer

The first MacBook Pro with Retina Display was unveiled at WWDC 2012 and Apple's marketing chief coined it as "a breakthrough in display engineering". Moreover, he also stated that isn't any notebook more gorgeous than the 2012 MacBook.

MacBook Pro With Retina Display Obsolete

The 2012 MacBook Pro featured a thinner design in contrast to the previous models and the Retina Display just made it even more appealing. Since it was thinner than the previous model, Apple removed the Ethernet port along with optical drives for CDs and DVDs. As of now, the MacBook Pro still features Thunderbolt ports, an HDMI port, USB-A ports, and an SD card slot.

Apple is making another major transition in Macs. It is moving towards its custom silicon instead of relying on Intel. While Intel will support the transition, it still believes that its chips are better for developers. What do you think about the shift? Would it be vital for Apple? Let us know in the comments below.