Apple Not Planning Any New Mac Launch for the Remainder of This Year

Omar Sohail
Apple Not Planning Any New Mac Launch for the Remainder of This Year

A new report talks about Apple dropping its plan to launch any new Mac models for the remainder of 2022. This update comes just a few moments after we talked about a rumor claiming that the updated MacBook Pro lineup slated to be announced later this year, has been delayed to 2023.

In Addition to the Updated MacBook Pro Family, Apple Was Said to Be Planning a Mac mini, and Mac Pro Launch

Even Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman believes that the new Macs will not debut until next year. He states the following in the free version of his ‘Power On’ newsletter.

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“While the new Macs won’t debut until next year, the company still has some software coming. The iOS 16.2 and iPadOS 16.2 updates, which began beta testing this past week, should be released around mid-December.”

Gurman also says that the Mac Pro is behind Apple’s launch timeline. When the company announced the M1 for a series of portable Macs, the firm said that the transition to Apple Silicon would be completed in two years, but that has not happened.

“But the first Apple Silicon Mac Pro is clearly running behind the company’s own self-imposed timeline. When it announced the transition to homegrown chips in 2020, Apple said the move would take about two years. The revamped Mac Pro, coming next year, will clearly miss that schedule.”

We reported earlier that the next generation of custom chips, including the M2 Pro and M2 Max, would be mass-produced on TSMC’s 3nm process since Apple apparently gave a large order to its only chip supplier. Unfortunately, it is likely no easy task churning out quality wafers in quick succession, meaning there might not have been enough supply for Apple to mass produce a few million units for customers.

Hopefully, supply is expected to improve in the first quarter of 2023, and we will see those chips and the powerful Macs in action. The new MacBook Pro family was originally supposed to arrive in November, but there are some things that even Apple cannot control.

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