Apple Unwilling To Support TV Shows With Sex, Guns And Blood

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Even as Apple continues to raise iPhone prices, it needs to diversify. The company has relied on the iPhone to support its revenues for far too long. Tim Cook and Co.'s ingenuity of raising prices to offset declining units might have worked last year, and it might work this year as well. But this is a temporary solution to the persistent problem that Apple needs more income generating sources. Today we've got news about one such attempt at diversification. Take a look below for more.

Tech Giant Apple Is Hesitant To Approach Broad Topics With Its Foray Into Hollywood

Apple's CEO Tim Cook has a far more quiet and reserved nature than his predecessor. The Alabama native is known for his privacy and preference for solitude. The offshoots of these behavioral traits result in a preference for the known. It's a fact that's represented in Mr. Cook's love of balance sheets.

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Now it's looking as if Apple's CEO is eager to balance his company's brand image with its entry into Hollywood. The Wall Street Journal claims to have the inside scoop on Apple's entertainment efforts. According to the WSJ, Apple CEO Tim Cook is hesitant to take any action that might damage Apple's pristine brand image.

When viewing Apple's first scripted show Vital Signs, Mr. Cook felt that some of its content will harm Apple's brand image. The scenes that disturbed the CEO included an orgy, guns and characters using cocaine. Vital Signs focuses on the life and story of Dr. Dre who is famous for mentoring the rapper, Eminem.

From the movie Straight Outta Compton

This approach is in line with the way the Cupertino tech giant is approaching its entry into Hollywood. Apple's Hollywood executives Zack Van Amberg and Jamie Erlicht are in a constant struggle to balance the entertainment industry's need for bold content and Apple's hesitancy to tarnish its brand image.

This approach also hampered some Christian symbols in a series created by M. Night Shyamalan. The psychological thriller, which revolves around a couple dealing with the death of their child, featured crucifixes. Apple's executives did not want the symbols in their content.

All in all, it's looking as if Apple needs to find a balance. Cupertino's operating environment and culture are built around its late co-founder Steve Jobs. This naturally results in a bullheaded belief, which right now looks to be at odds with Hollywood. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned. We'll keep you updated on the latest.

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